14 Tháng Tám 20169:22 CH(Xem: 942)

Given a chance
to make a choice
between Ava Gardner
in “the Barefoot Contessa”
and Ingrid Bergman
of “Casablanca”
I miss her more

She is a svelt
strong creature with
long-legged fingers
velvet skin

Spring to her steps
Stars in her eyes
Butterflies on her shoulders
Wind over her lips

She is fire
the living flame of life
a blaze of soul-and-body-language
compiled of poise
daring love-me-tenderness

Of honey hair
she weaves a hammock in my ears
Into songs
she carries her sense of karma
to Eden superimposed upon my brain

Remembrance of the things past

In the making of her
Gods had unanimously cast their votes
for a style of woman
born when the world was unborn

Gods have forgotten
how to remodel another icon
like her in the last twenty centuries

Smoking a pipe
an antagonist to my asthma
I sit stunned
by the fantasy of that woman
who laughs at me
At me she laughs laughs

I have seen
I have done
I have had
May I
never hear such a macro laugh
It downloads my soul into the chill

swan path
deer trail
of the woman
whose life happens to be crossed by me
whose feet happen to be double-crossed
by unknown trails and paths

Let me hurry
Let me hurry back
to my never-never-self

Days minus 5

Reagan National Airport
December 12
4:56 am

4:56 am
why not pm
forty three thousand two hundred seconds
more to spend
at Saks Fifth Avenue in Tysons II
at Barnes & Noble booksellers on Route 50
at Paolo in Gorgetown
at ... oh name not them

The passport in the sack
The sack on a knee
A knee under a knee
A leg across a leg
The woman in the corner
The woman from the sound barrier

Whimming jets
Waving air
Great spaces
Darkening storms
Sunlight fair

Sort of smile
Kind of tear
See you soon
Not soon enough

When was the first time
you woke up in the middle of the night
with a lump coming into your throat
because of a dream about a trip
to my mind my body my soul

When was the last time we were together
my very breath catching
your very heart pounding
neither could tell
whose fingers were yours
whose fingers were mine

Let eternity do the rest
Is love Is love Is love

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